Sexual Impotence

Like you may have seen mentioned before on this site, sexual impotence is not a funny subject. Men facing this issue can feel a myriad of negative emotions associated with this problem, including shame, guilt, embarrassment or even anger with oneself. That being said, there are some seriously effective herbal supplements available that men should check out (even if not experiencing impotence) as they provide a real edge when ‘performing'.


For most men, the best erectile dysfunction treatment is just that—a pill, but it must be the right pill. Everywhere men turn; television, Internet, magazines, even the radio, ads pop up regularly. With few exceptions, they are advertising a pill, but they’re drugs—erectile dysfunction drugs, which may not be what’s best at all. Drugs typically have side effects, some quite alarming, and though the side effects may only be experienced by a few, if you’re the one they hit, it can be worse than impotence.

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